Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reliving Childhood

Another of my favorites that is bringing me joy right now. I can't resist the classics and am so glad YouTube provides a place for reliving these memories!


Anonymous said...

I too love the old cartoons. One of the benefits of having DirecTV is having a channel that runs old cartoons.
All we really watch at our house is news and old cartoons....the other 100 or so channels are a waste of money in this household. Paula

Heidi said...


That's part of why we don't have cable or dish. I wish we could just pick 5 or 6 channels we want: The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, American Movie Channel, ESPN (for David), CNN and whatever has old TV shows or something and forget the rest!

Our antenna fell apart a while back, and David found some old guy that still repairs them, so we are still running off the antenna.

I've heard so many people express what you and I are expressing. I wish the cable and dish people were more customer-frienly in that way, but I guess they don't need to be since most people will put up with the hundreds of extra channels.

Anonymous said...

If an antenna wasn't so "ugly" I'd be tempted to put one up. Living in the country, cable isn't even an option. As I type I've discoved that the Dish signal isn't even working right now so I can't watch the morning news.

I wish a person could pay by the channel say 2 or 3 bucks a month. Okay we want 10 channels so that's 20 or 30 bucks a month. Oh no they just sign you up for the "basic package" which is 120 channels, not counting all the "pay per view" options. When we called stating that was too many channels, and too expensive about $60 a month, they tried to upgrade us to even more channels and wanted to give us "free" Showtime and HBO for 3 months. I wanted to scream! I want FEWER channels, and you're offering me even more!!!! Paula

Heidi said...


I worry about people sometimes.

What scares me is that some day I may need to be taken care of, and I sure hope it is by people with more logic than this!!!