Thursday, April 16, 2009


Prediction is difficult -- especially about the future.

As I continue tonight to prepare for my interview tomorrow I am feeling in a special way something that is always the case. There is an outcome, and with time I will know it, but right now all I can do is to prepare my best and walk into the unknown future. I do realize that all of us walk each moment of every day into an unknown future, but right now I'm just more aware of it than usual. What is bringing a smile to my face right now as I do so is the wonderful quote above from quantum physicist Neils Bohr (1885-1962).


Ellen said...

That is a great quote! Thinking of you--I pray all will go well!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

I love that quote!!

It's bumming me out to have had to turn on "comment moderation." It doesn't come to my email, so I have to log on to my blog to find comments waiting. After that last scatter-shot of spam, however, this seems like the only way to go.

- looking forward to SEEING you soon!