Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Promoting Play

What you see above is a picture of a game created by my friend Tony, a game inventor who is just breaking into the market. In an earlier post I mentioned his game "Dissed." Now he has this new one out, Magniverse. It is 6 games in one. The marbles are magnetic, but sometimes repel each other in surprising ways.

Tony is interested in the "Aha Moment" when the brain makes a connection when solving a riddle or a puzzle - or getting a joke. He's currently working on his Ph.D. relating to this, and is doing cool stuff like taking MRI's while people solve puzzles. I love making connections and knowing what makes people's brains tick, so in my next life that's what I want to do too! :-)

I'm doing my best to make such connections in my Master's program, but I don't have access to any MRI machines!

Tony is currently selling the game from his own site but has a company interested in buying it (Gamewright). If you'd like to check this out - or his other game: Dissed - or just have the link for future reference - as more games will certainly be created by him, here it is:

Click on the individual game names in the left column in order to check them out! Also, check out his Mission Statement, which I applaud!

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