Friday, July 18, 2008



Istvan said...


“To dream of skating on ice means
satisfaction with a current project.”
--Dictionary of Dreams

Amidst white groves
Inside a lilac tree
I gaze at airy flights across a frozen lake.

Like soaring birds
We are all of us, skating on ice.
Spanning circuits
Dense, ring-shaped,
Dazzling as a diamond dream
Before the break.

Beneath the brightness, I see a shadow
And the semblance watches me.
A shrill remembrance,
The impervious stare of quartz:
A trade-off between tomorrow and the past.

The break below faces a ruptured skyline.
Its path
Squalls out for meaning.
The meaning is the sea.
I seize the mirror and the likeness mirrors me.

Beneath the brightness, a shadow floats
Under a pond of ice.
Freezing up in time and space
I drift inside the memory of a winter’s whorl,
Heading back to where I came from,
Struggling for one more breath of water
Until the last.

nethe said...

This poem... who wrot it? did you, Heidi?

Heidi said...

Hi Nethe!

I cannot take credit for the poem. The person who commented, Istvan, wrote it and used it as his comment and has commentary about its meaning on his blog.

- good to hear from you!