Friday, July 11, 2008

Annual Highlight (Second Half)

FOURTH OF JULYThe picture below is of the set-up of the fireworks (to the left of the barn). This park is directly across the street from Tony and Stacey's house, so we saw the fireworks in a very impressive manner!Caleb is resting between the Fourth of July parade and the fireworks display.ANOTHER KIND OF FIREWORKS This is a picture David took while outside in the infamous storm.

TOTAL MAXIMIZATION OF COUSIN TIME The pictures above and below are from a play that the cousins put on - a tradition.

They sure don't play dodgeball out here the way I learned it in California!!

A Happy Birthday muffin at Grandma's! Note the lantern on the counter - setting out due to the storm and ensuing power outtage.

A double celebration!

A multi-celebration!!

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nethe said...

Happy July! -A little to late, I realize.
I stopped by to see how you were doing. -So great to see all the family pictures! It seems to me to be a fantastic holiday! And I can really feel how you are enjoying it, straight across the "ether" to me in sunny 8finally!!) Tromsø.

I thought of you guys when I heard this evening Psalm "The bright day is over". Check it out. It is sung in swedish by a Faeroes/Iceladic wonderfull singer.