Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Silly me.
 I thought working with iphoto on the mac would make getting lots of pictures up to my blog faster and easier than doing my normal thing on the PC. Three hours (that I really couldn't afford to lose) later I find this is not at all the case! I think I'm done with the mac.  Here are the results of my efforts. I hope to have a fuller "album" of the second half of our trip by tomorrow.


ellen said...

What?? It's SO easy for me to post pictures from iphoto to my blog. Hmm.

Hey, we need to talk! I'll call or email soon. :)

Heidi said...

It's just been that kind of a day.

That situation got worse, and then I spent most of the other hours of my morning and afternoon wrestling, unsuccessfully, with my insurance company - a battle that began before we left for Michigan - and will continue tomorrow.

Can I go back on vacation now?

Tony said...

What a great picture of the lightning! Very cool!