Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EVERYTHING is on the Internet!!

Well, this was an unexpected blast from the past!! While I was surfing the net tonight I found my Jeopardy! appearance from EIGHT years ago. I wasn't even looking for it and didn't know it existed. Rather than a video it's the game I played (with answers - or should I say questions? - in case you want to quiz yourself) as well as detailed stats (in case you want to harrass me!). What a world we live in! You can find EVERYTHING on the internet!

What I want to know is who put up every answer and question from thousands of shows and all the stats on all the contestants and when and why?


Karen Lepine said...

Wow, I know a real celebrity - this is so cool!!!

Heidi said...

I guess I actually got double the proverbial "15 minutes of fame!" To bad I didn't get to take home any money to go with it! :-)