Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Good Time Pics

As promised - more pictures of good times: The waves really crashed against this rock, and the boys challenged each other to touch the rock and get away without getting wet. Below you see Anthony taking on the challenge.In order to get an early start on the day we stayed overnight at a hotel. The boys always love hotel pools and hot tubs (not to mention cable, which we don't have at home! In all honesty it's Mom who likes cable best!)We are quite certain - and have been for many years - that Caleb is more fish than human. He's never had swimming lessons and learned how to swim by jumping in when he was about 3 years old and beginning to swim underwater, coming up like a dolphin every so often for air! (Well, OK, not quite like a dolphin, but for being self-taught, not bad!) We may be shifting from soccer parents to water polo parents once he reaches high school.

The following pictures are all along the same stretch of coast - such variety!

The surroundings and flora and fauna were beautiful as well!

I LOVE fog! It's so neat how it can be sunny right on the coast and foggy so nearby inland!As you can tell, Jacob was joyful to be here.He not only saw dolphins in the rock formations (see last post) but also really liked these swirls that someone left in the sand and wanted to take a picture with the rock in the background.
Caleb is just ALL over the place!
Do you see him?Jacob got splashed by an unexpected wave.At Monterey we found a row of benches, one for each California Mission. Caleb was excited to find the bench for "his" mission.More pics:

Well, in the first post I called this our "old stomping ground." OLD is right. I got curious and looked through albums to find the last time we were here; I'm including two of those pictures. Caleb was an infant, and Anthony and Jacob were trying to keep up with Daddy. Now Mom and Dad are trying to keep up with them!!! I think we'd better not wait so long before going again!


Karen Lepine said...

OK....does anyone else see a shark in the 2nd picture?!?!?

Amy said...

Wow, that does look like a shark!
I love the blast from the past!