Friday, February 01, 2008


This is my Math 20 class on the news!

I mentioned this in an earlier post entitled "Newsworthy??" (titled thus with question marks since I had no idea what the story was going to be when they came into my classroom with news cameras!).

The story is newsworthy! It has to do with budget cuts in higher education and the impact that is going to have on students and colleges in California. As they show my classroom they talk about how full it is - trying to illustrate how impacted classes are already. This is nothing! They should have been there on day one when nearly all of the 68 enrolled students and nearlly all of the 60 students on the wait list showed up in this room, which has seats for 80 people. It was standing room only! Students were coming up to me begging me to let them in, because they needed this class THIS semester. I added as many students as I could but had to turn many, many students away. Those that were turned away are now a semester behind (or yet another additional semester behind) on their math requirements, and they may get turned away next semester too. This is where things stand now, but this news report explains how much worse things will likely get, so it is newsworthy, impacting many lives.

That is the reason I've chosen to post, but I also thought it was kind of cool to let you see me (if ever so briefly) in my natural habitat. :-)


Dan said...

Hey, congratulations for being on TV! I'm so annoyed that that woman kept talking over your lecture. I was trying to take notes.

Anonymous said...

:( I can't view it?

nethe said...

Hey! Although it´s a sad subject of this news clip, it was great to see you in your daily doings!