Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bustin' Out

Spring is bustin' out all over! I've even seen robins in the yard the last two days, so I guess it's official (at least in California ;-).

Although I posted a calla lily earlier, I can't resist another - my favorite!


Anonymous said...

Heidi, your pictures are beautiful. My favorite was which ever one I am looking at at the moment! I am so happy to be getting to know you through Mostly Poetry.
Sharon C.

amy said...

stop already!...i miss ca too much already without seeing the beautiful pictures of spring to remind me. Out here the grass is still brown and it is cold and wintery

Heidi said...

Sharon: Thanks for your kind comment. :-) I love reading other people's blogs, and I love having one. In casual conversation one doesn't normally share quotes, poetry, philosophy, and pictures that celebrate everyday life. Blogs provide another way of knowing others - pretty cool, I think!

Amy: I'm sorry. I hope spring will come to North Carolina soon! I'm sure it will be beautiful when it does, but I know the real issue is not being overly eager for spring but rather missing home in California. We miss you too - and Mike and Sierra who is growing up so fast so far away from us!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love all the beautiful flowers, my nose just doesn't like them. I have been sneezing a big part of the day.

As I have been watching my tulips bloom, I am reminded how nice we do have it here in sunny California. I really don't miss the snow.