Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are You a Detective?

Would you make a good detective? How much can you tell from this picture? Were the kids behaving well when they were asked to pose? Below are some questions with which to quiz yourself.


1) Why is the boy in the front row crossing his arms like that?
2) Might that be a guilty smile on the face of the boy behind him?
3) What kind of crazy plant it that on the right?
4) Where was this picture taken?
5) How about age progression? If you didn't know me as a child, use my blog photo to try to determine which one I am in this picture.


1) I'm pretty sure his arms were crossed in self-protection against tickling. That's my brother Tim, and he was known in childhood for how incredibly ticklish he was. There's a reason he was incredibly ticklish. I used to like to make "potions" and do experiments. One day I made "tickle powder." I told him what it was and sprinkled it on him, and he was outrageously ticklish from that time on. Can you say, "placebo effect?"

2) Putting 2 and 2 together, I'm guessing my cousin Danny back there was tickling Tim before the picture. Doesn't that smile look just a bit mischievous to you?

3) That's an avocado. Many years later, having forgotten this, I too grew an avocado - don't know why I did. Maybe it was a genetic pull. It's now become somewhat a part of family tradition.

4) Well, you'd have to be reading my posts AND the comments pretty closely AND click on the image to enlarge it to get this one (unless you're part of the family, of course). On October 8 I wrote about my grandmother's cookbooks, and a comment references where they were - on Grandma's shelves next to the fireplace. Well, if you enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you'll see cookbooks on the shelf. Pretty tough, but I figure there are some intrepid problem solvers out there! Hey, they would have figured it out on any of the crime-solving TV shows that are on these days!!

5) I'm in back in the red pantsuit with a big ol' watch on my arm. This is a picture of a group of grand kids. I'm the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family (which was really cool as a kid but not so cool now as I hit all those milestone birthdays first!! Thirty . . . uh . . . forty . . . uh . . . ).

PS Thanks for your comment on my October 8 post, Paula, which inspired this. I thought I'd put this up so it could be in more than just your mind's eye - and mine too! :-)


Paula said...

Oh my...I now think I'm hearing the Twilight Zone music playing in the background. That picture sure did bring a smile to my face. Wow weren't the fashions something in the 70's?
I do remember some great Sunday afternoons visiting with the family at our grandparents' house. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

So, did we (or our mommies) all call each other that morning and decide red was the color of the day?

Comparing that photo to my blog one, I'm wondering if I should go back to wearing bangs (which were also apparently THE style) - wondering if it might take a few years off :-)

Paula said...

I was wondering about the "red" thing as well. In today's day it would appear all of us girls were in a "gang". Do you remember if this picture was taken for a holiday? It'd be easier to swallow, the funky outfits, if I remembered it was Christmas or another holiday.

Thinking about the family getting together, and seeing your family's recent card game blog picture, brought back memories of everyone playing cards at our house on New Year's Day most years.

I don't vote for bangs. Maybe soft layers, but not bangs.

Heidi said...

I too assumed it was Christmas or Thanksgiving, but when I checked the back of the photo, it said May, 1976 . . . um . . . Memorial Day, perhaps. Can we use that as an excuse?

Yes, I remember those card-playing days with fondness - Pedro. Good stuff!

Paula said...

Let's call it a late Easter...we need some excuse for the outfits. However that season's colors are usually pastel. Hummm..

Amy said...

You've just been walking us down memory lane...I like it! I think Paul Jr. wins the craziest 70's outfit with those pants. What do you think?