Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mind Games

I'd like to introduce you to A.J. McCaffrey, a person
dedicated to mind games (in a good way!).

A.J. is interested in and currently studying the "aha moment" (you know, that moment right when you "get" a joke - often when two concepts combine to make a new concept). This focus is reflected in his games, stories and puzzles.

I have lead up to this post in two previous entries, one in
which I was sharing about a game our family likes and another
in which I shared a link to puzzles on A.J.'s blog.

As well as being a blogger and a puzzler, A.J. is a published author.
His book Fractalia is being considered by an animation company for production as a children's TV show in Canada.

But wait! There's more!!

A.J. is also a game inventor. He has created a number of wonderful games. My family and I have had the privilege of trying some of them out in the pre-production stage, so we feel like we are in on the ground floor, which feels really cool! We are cheering him on as he creates new games and tries to get them into production - not an easy process. He's been told by some game companies he has approached that people are not interested in games in which you have to use your mind.

That's not true, is it?? I sure hope not!

One of his games has been produced. It's called "Dissed,"
(click on the word to go to his production website). Like all of his games it has a creative element. It's a little different from his other ideas in that it involves put-downs (albeit creative ones!), something that in testing has been found to be appealing to the college age crowd. If this sells well he will be able to bring more games to market, and, trust me, they are very worthy of being marketed!

I invite you to check out A.J.'s blog and game site and to
watch for amazing things to come!!

Post Script: In the two previous game posts, the image I have been asking you to label is supposed to look like a duck and a bunny. It is the logo of A.J.'s company, "duckbunny productions." The name of the duckbunny is "Seymour," because it is A.J.'s mission to help people SEE MORE, to enjoy themselves while doing so, and also to find ways of making the world a better place by being able to creatively solve problems through seeing more!

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