Friday, September 14, 2007

Kid Quote 2

"Is getting old mandatory?"

My son Caleb, age 10, asked me this tonight. How would you respond to this question?


Paula said...

I believe "getting old" has to do with your outlook on life, so no it's not mandatory.

Now getting older (aging)is another matter....

Heidi said...

That's a GREAT answer!

Amy said...

ditto to Paula's comment

Tony said...

Is there something bad about getting old?

Heidi said...

You know, Tony, I'm not sure how Caleb meant it.

God certainly has a sense of humor, and He often expresses it to me through my son Caleb.

Caleb will often throw out questions like this - just rather philosophically, but then he won't discuss it at all.

For instance, years ago he said, "Mom, it's really hard to think about when God started." I got all excited and wanted to talk about the infinite and God and higher dimensions, but he was only interested in making the comment and moving on.

- so cool, yet so frustrating!!

It was like that with this one too - no further discussion, but I do think it was more along the lines of philosophy than concern.

I did answer him. I said the alternative wasn't good so as far as I was concerned it was mandatory for him to get old, since I plan to live to be 100, and I expect him to be around at least as long as I am!!