Thursday, August 09, 2012


Funny how human beings are so programmed to uphold social norms. Two of my sons, Anthony and Caleb, have taken up barefoot running for the health of it, and people sure take note - frequently yelling out of car windows: 

"Hey! You forgot your shoes!" 

Today I saw someone trot up behind Anthony with an i-phone and record him running! Is running barefoot really THAT odd? (I went barefoot everywhere all the time as a kid . . .  walking, running, whatever!) Why do people feel compelled to comment and record?

I just find it strange, because I think when eccentricity is pointed out and celebrated we all celebrate right along, and I think we all want to be unique individuals.  Yet, when we're not thinking about it, it seems it is human nature to be guardians of standard protocol and that we naturally try to get everyone to walk to the beat of exactly the same drummer  .  .  .  

Hmm  .  .  .

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