Friday, August 03, 2012

25th Anniversary - Part 3 - Gran Bahia Principe Resort

Below I've posted pictures of the Mayan sites we visited during our anniversary trip.  I'll finish up with this part showing Gran Bahia Principe where we stayed in the Mayan Riviera - a place we highly recommend.

Looking back at the resort from the water.
Looking down - so many fish right there immediately off-shore.

Our room

Pasta bar at the buffet
Mariachi in another buffet
I kept wanting to say to David, "Welcome to Fantasy Island!"  The resort was so big that there was lots of tram-type transportation.
Brazilian "Parade of Swords" dinner
They had a dolphin pool right in the midst of the resort - with shows and also opportunity to swim with or learn to train the dolphins.

This place was huge!  That conical-shaped building in the distance is our lobby.  We're not as far to "this" side as we could possibly go, and there was at least as much distance on the other side.

Enjoying one of the pools.

There were iguanas EVERYWHERE!  Pretty cool!
 More images of our room.

 A game of Scribbage in our room
Our favorite spot in the buffet - near the central fountain - 
 We could take out sailboats, kayaks and other water-sport equipment -

Me by our room - bye bye!

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