Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fast Food Math

I was pleasantly surprised at seeing Wendy's promoting mathematics on their french fry packaging. SO, how many ingredients ARE there on a Wendy's hamburger?


JoAnne said...

This morning my "google alerts" gave me a link to this posting and I was delighted to find your eclectic combination of topics. I have bookmarked the site and will return. When you have time you may enjoy a visit to "Intersections -- Poetry with Mathematics" at

Heidi said...

Hi JoAnne!

How fun to get your comment and to know there is another math/poetry fan out there! WOW!!

I've visited your blog a bit - am eager to get more of a chance. Your comment came just as I sent my oldest son off to first year of college - started my new semester -and got sick - among other things - so I've been rather overwhelmed! I'm eager to spend more time exploring your blog!

BatCat81 said...

He he... Very interesting...