Friday, February 26, 2010

Two Roads

The contrast between these two items from today's paper really struck me. What is our future as a nation and as a world? What choices are we making to bring about this future? Are we more like Doris Thompson or are we more like Rudy Leeman?
"Age Hasn't Slowed 80-year-old Burgler"

LOS ANGELES -- Doris Thompson hasn't let age slow her down. At 80, she's still ransacking and burglarizing medical offices. Thompson, whose criminal record stretches back to 1955, pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking about $1400 from the Children's Medical Group in Torrance. During the hearing, the amiable 5-foot-3-inch woman thanked the judge for letting her serve her time in the state prison rather than county jail. She also called Deputy District Attorney Paulette Paccione ''sweetie'' and told the judge "God bless you" as he sentenced her to three years behind bars. Thompson, who has used 27 aliases during her arrests over the years, was being held without bail under the name of Doris Ann Gamble pending her removal to a state lockup. After her latest arrest, she told authorities she wouldn't have to do all this "nonsense" if the government gave people more money."

Letter to the Editor:

Born during the Depression of the '30s, I saw how people relied on themselves and supported fellow men to help them maintain their lives. Government wasn't good at improving lives. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we grew our food and supplied neighbors and those passing through the area with necessities as we were able. It was the generosity of people, their spirit and the will to make everyone's lives better that won the day, never any largesse from city or state. This was ignored after World War II when, from the 1950's on, Americans became the "me generations." Now our economy collapses. In a new depression, we need to sow generously so we can reap betterment for our communities. If what we want in our community is important enough to wave a poster, it's important enough to put it down, roll up our sleeves and get to work on what's of such value to us. (Rudy Leeman)

Two roads diverge . . . we can only hope most people will take the higher and less entitled one!

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