Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(FURTHER updated) News from the Homefront

More pictures have been added, and further news is appended at bottom.
Well, I'm 3 minutes shy of putting in a SIXTEEN hour work day. I should be in bed, but I wanted to record that for posterity (hoping it won't happen too frequently!). It was worth it - enabled me to get all 2600 problems on the midterms I gave today graded. I don't feel so good right now, so I don't think I want to do this again any time soon.

On to the fun news! I have a new niece, Ava Marie Young. Congratulations, Mike and Amy on your 10 pound, 4 ounce bundle of joy. (Notice that Ava's initials spell out her mommy's name - how clever!). New life entering the world sure does put other stuff into perspective. What an amazing thing! I hope to get pictures of Ava posted soon!Things are crazy busy/crazy good for our family right now. Mike and Amy got keys to their house today, the day after Amy gave birth - what timing! They and we worked hard all summer to have our house hunt and move-in (sorry, I'm tired, probably don't make much sense right now!) happen DURING the summer - didn't work for either one. Amy will be moving in with a newborn, and I'll be moving in in the midst of a semester which is pushing me to 16 hour days! David and I sign our final paperwork tomorrow and get our keys October 1.

Thankfully it's all good stuff - good employment - new life - homes - may blessings!

Life keeps moving on. Anthony has a cross country meet tomorrow - another on Saturday - a fun, big invitational up in the foothills. Everything else has started up again too - church youth activities, Sunday School, piano lessons and so on.(Above are pictures from Wednesday's meet.)

And now - off to what sounds like the greatest blessing right now - BED!!! :-)
I'm updating this Friday. We found out today that our new house has been recorded and is in our name now. Today is also the day Mike and Amy took ownership of their house, AND someone Amy and I used to babysit when we were teens also got keys to her new house today! This must be contagious! What are the odds?

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