Wednesday, September 02, 2009


After all my earlier enthusiastic posts about houses we've looked at - and then having lost the bids - I've learned to be a bit more restrained about this topic, but we just got a call from our realtor that it is most likely that this one is going through. The sellers have accepted our post-appraisal bid, so now it's just inspections and escrow and so on. I don't dare say it's a sure thing yet, but I am going to go ahead and dare to post at least a few pictures. I'm too excited not to.The current owners have such a wonderful sense of taste and have kept up the house and yard so well. I'd love to move in and be able to keep the decor that is there now!

If this does work out, the next challenge is going to be how to take on the task of moving in the midst of a new semester that is EXTREMELY busy for us all - far more busy than our usual busy semesters. I guess we'll figure it out - clearly other people do!


Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi what a beautiful house, yard and pool! This HAS to be the one!
You'll manage the move just fine, you'll be so excited moving into a newer/larger home that you'll want to get it done and settled in as quickly as possible. With the timing, it looks like the Meyer famly will be in a new home for the holidays! Paula

Heidi said...

We'll have to have a progressive dinner for the family - just too crazy that Tim, Amy and I are all moving the same year!! Fun, wild, CRAZY! Who woulda thought?!

I am excited, but I'm a VERY nostalgiac person and need to process changes like this emotionally. The home we are in now is the one we brought all our babies home to and is where our former pets are buried and so on - silly, I know, but I need to process that stuff. Right now I am so overwhelmed just with work that "having to" eat dinner (have I said this already?) feels like an imposition - even though David prepares it and cleans up afterwards.

Eating and sleeping? Who has time for that?! I've gotta get some good examples together to demonstrate delta-epsilon proofs! (It really isn't as easy for me as writing a shopping list - really!)

I know this move will happen, and it's clear that God has opened this door. There are just too many coincidences to be coincidences, so I know all will be well.

I'm such a teaching machine right now that I'm actually not feeling much emotion about this - excitement or fear. I think before I know it we'll be moved, and I'll think, "What happened?"

I don't know if that's good or bad, but it is what it is.

One thing I know, it sure will be nice to come home from a day of teaching and get in that pool for a few minutes! (Maybe I can get one of those floating recliner thingys and get a lapboard and float as I plan and grade! :-)

You mention the holidays. I'm already thinking our Christmas picture had better be outside our new home - hmm - in front - or out back by the pool? Maybe a dual picture...

- thinking of you and hoping all is well - keeping you in prayer as the big day approaches!! There's a lot of "life" happening in our whole family these days, isn't there?

Donnalyn Weir said...

wow. That house is really nice! I hope you will finally own it.