Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Good and the Bad

I don't usually put up two posts in one day, but it's just too ironic not to post this today. I titled this "The Good and the Bad." The good is we were able to find Anthony a little used car today to get him back and forth between schools this year. One class he needs is not offered at his high school, so he is going to have to be able to transport himself to where he needs to be. We got the cute little Camry (early '90s model) pictured below.So, that's the good! We'd been worried about whether or not we could find an inexpensive yet reliable vehicle before the school year started, and we did it! But about half an hour ago as I was sitting here near the front window I heard someone curse and then I heard a loud "psssssss" and then I heard a car peel out. I went outside, and sure enough, someone had slashed the front tire. We had just bought the car 7 hours ago, and already we have something we need to fix - not because there was anything wrong with the car - just due to a random act of violence.

I'm kind of baffled that this happened just now as David and I are still up with all the lights on and the windows open. Whoever did it could probably see me sitting here at the computer. Seems kind of bold to me. The police officer who came out (yes, they responded - community service officer - cool) said it was probably a mistake, that whoever did it thought we were someone else - in which case I'm glad it was a slashed tire and not a drive-by shooting! "Oops - sorry - I meant to shoot someone else." (She also let us know that 2 shootings had just happened elsewhere in town tonight.)

David, who right now, after midnight, is outside putting on a spare so the rim doesn't get messed up, was so gracious in the way he wrote his letter to the editor. I am not feeling so gracious. I'm getting sick of people who are destructive and irresponsible. In addition to the litter all over the park, not long ago I was out for a walk in the middle of the afternoon and saw 2 young teens spray-painting graffiti at the park, and now this. The playground equipment at the park has been destroyed and replaced so many times I've lost count. I just don't understand the random destructiveness.

I'm glad my husband can be gracious. I'm not quite there myself.

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