Monday, June 08, 2009

Jellyfish Rule!

I just came across this picture and a news article that blew my mind! It is amazing what unintended consquences come of our (human) actions and choices. Who could have guessed this outcome? Normally the size and number of jellyfish are kept in check by competition from other sea creatures. For instance, fish eat small jelly fish and compete with jellyfish for food sources such as zooplankton. But overfishing has decreased the amount of predators and the number of competitors leaving jellyfish populations and jellyfish themselves to grow unchecked! It is thought that climate change (also perhaps due to human activity) is also responsible. Accoring to the Discovery News article (click for more info) it is the case that "for the first time, water conditions could lead to what they call a "jellyfish stable state," in which jellyfish rule the oceans."


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