Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a Day!

Today I gave my defense of my masters thesis. Here I am with my awesome committee members Dr. Elmano Costa, Dr. Brian Jue and Dr. Tom Carter - amazing men from whom I have learned a great deal.What an incredible thing it is to be at this point. I began this work three years ago, and a year and a half ago this month David had his stroke. In this next picture here he is standing by my side. God has certainly brought us a long way!Also with us are dear friends Lucy, Tom and Barbara who came to support me as I gave my defense.

A year and a half ago I stood in David's room in ICU the day after his stroke and let him know that I had written my professors and let them know I would probably not be finishing out the semester. David, lying there paralyzed, said immediately and with no hesitation at all, "Don't you dare!" There were some very rough days. They were rough for many reasons. Among other things was guilt I sensed, feeling I should be at his side more than I was during his recovery, but he selflessly encouraged me to continue, and here we are at such a different spot - me at the end of my particular journey, him having come a long way on his - standing side-by-side - and now also a full-time tenure-track position awaiting me in the fall. Without teamwork, God's blessing and the support of loving friends (those pictured here and many others as well) we would not be in the wonderful place we find ourselves.

We are truly blessed!!

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nethe said...

oh, what a blessed day! Contratulations, Heidi, or as we say in Danish: "Tillykke!"

(meaning "to happiness" og "to luck")