Thursday, May 07, 2009

Flora and Fauna Mid-Spring 2009

We had two massive butterfly migrations, Painted Ladies and Tiger Swallowtails both migrated thickly through our area this spring, so much so that it was hard to take even a short drive without lots of them getting squashed on the windshield. That part was a bummer, but it was so beautiful to have butterfly-filled skies for weeks. It just went on and on. I was only able to catch one up close, though.Another delightful spring experience was the particularly strong-scented orange blossoms we had this year. I wanted to keep the windows open all the time to enjoy it!Next come the glorious lilies.As much as I love my flowers I love snails too - such elegant spirals on their shells! Our weather has been very changeable - cold, warm, windy, rainy - quite a lot of variety!
I love how the greens of nature change in the varied weather and at various times of day - more or less light, but I can never capture quite what I want with the camera. Ah well, I'll keep trying. Knowing that mice are social creatures, we brought home two new friends for Hugin since her sister Munin died. Our new mice are Oreo and Milkshake. As you can see they have all accepted each other well. It's fun to see them snuggled up together. (I guess I'm not your typical woman. I like snails and mice.) Here is Oreo grooming her tail.
Though she has a tumor and is showing her age, Hugin remains active and continues to eat her favorite food - pumpkin seeds - very heartily.Oops - this is spring fauna for another post!!

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