Monday, August 06, 2007

The Sweetest Guys! (I Think)

We spent the day at the lake today – sailing and kayaking – GREAT day!

We hadn’t packed a lunch, and it was nearly dinner time when we left, so David suggested stopping to eat on the way home. I said, “Oh no.”

I’m not that vain, but, since I hadn't planned on being anywhere but the lake, I hadn’t brought a shirt or a brush or a comb - anything to make myself look at all decent with.

I was just in scrubby shorts pulled over a not so flattering swimsuit - and unless I'm in or very near water I don't feel comfortable sporting lycra. My hair, the chunks that weren’t plastered flat against my head from being in lake water, was stringy, tangled and flying in all directions. Suffice it to say, I just felt grungy all over. (No fair being the only female at the lake with a family of males with very short hair and swimsuits that look like shorts!)

Although I'm not vain, I also don’t relish looking totally hideous in public.

When my son Caleb heard me say, “Oh no,” he said, “What?” Middle son Jacob spoke up and interpreted, “Mom thinks she looks ugly.”

Caleb chimed in, “Mom’s not ugly. She’s beautiful.” My husband David, not missing a beat followed with, “She’s ALWAYS beautiful.”

I am so lucky!! I got the sweetest guys in the world!!

Well, either that or they just wanted to make sure they could talk me into going INTO the restaurant so they wouldn’t have to eat in the car. Hmm . . . ??

Umm . . . I’ll choose to stick with the former interpretation, even if it is self-delusion!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, they're sweet guys! :-)
That day they were just sweet, hungry guys!