Monday, August 27, 2007


It's my birthday, so feel free to treat yourself a guilt-free piece of cake today.

We partied as a family yesterday - Sunday being more convenient - but today I'm going to treat myself to a movie (Becoming Jane) and go out to lunch with a dear friend. Technically the semester begins today, but I don't teach on Monday, so I consider that my gift from the college.

Here are some things I consider highlights from my party yesterday:

GEEKIEST (read "coolest") GIFT:
Sorry to the rest of the geeks in the world. You will just have to be TOTALLY jealous! (For those of you who are non-geeks, the word is "Ni," which rhymes with knee. It is not "Hi.")


A harmonica "purchased" for me by my youngest son Caleb. He used tickets he won playing games at Papa John's Pizza to get this gift for me. He used his prize tickets for his mom. Totally sweet!!


A cool wooden mathy game from Mike and Amy in North Carolina. THANKS GUYS!


Magazine subscriptions to "Mental Floss" and "GAMES" - to find out I was getting these I opened a small gift which turned out to be a container of dental floss with the titles of these magazines written on the back. I can't wait to get my first issues!


I was the winner in the Rook game. It is MY birthday, so it's only fair, after all, that I win the game!


One of my sons - who shall be nameless (but who is one who has taken physics) was trying to light my candles - just two of them representing the digits of my age. He came close to burning his fingers before he had them both lit. He was holding the candle flame-down, and thus the flame was burning up the matchstick toward his fingers. He actually had to use 2 matches. When he had successfully lit both candles he was in such a hurry to blow out the match that it was still right next to the candles, and he blew them out too! All his work was in vain! (Well, it was funnier as it was happening than it is here in writing.) Perhaps, like his mother, he should stick with the theoretical rather than the applied sciences.


Our youngest son looked across the table at his Dad and said, "That word is spelled wrong on your shirt." My husband was at a Christian Men's conference earlier this weekend and today was wearing a T-shirt he received there for being a monthly contributor or "partner" to this group (which also shall be nameless). The word "partner" was spelled "parnter." This organization has certainly given out thousands of these shirts at conferences all across the nation. I wonder if they are aware of this but are just hoping people won't notice since it would be too expensive to change. Too bad their proof-reader didn't catch what a 10 year old did.


Special thanks to David for the yummy barbecued chicken meal and the homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting! :-)



Nethe said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi!
I see you did as I did: partied on Sunday instead of this boring Monday. Well done!
I think the lighting-candle-boy-nearly-taking-fire is a great little story!
It proves that practicality comes with practise, just as the thought can be improved by stimulation ;-)
I wouldn’t worry about him, though. In Scandinavia there’s a saying: “Burned child shies from fire”. Maybe you have the same? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your celebration yesterday sounds wonderful! Enjoy today, too!
Lots of love,

ellen said...

Happy, happy birthday, Heidi! I'm glad you had such a fun (and funny!) celebration yesterday.

Let me know what you think of Becoming Jane--I've seen it, but I'll wait until you've seen it before I share my thoughts...don't want to give you any spoilers! :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday
I’m glad I was able to catch you this morning, so that I could wish you a happy birthday in person or at least on the phone. I hope you enjoy your lunch and movie. What a great way to spend the day!

Tony said...

Happy Birthday H! It sounds like a wonderful day. I thought you were already a Mental-Floss subscriber. I'm sorry to say that you just missed the annual "10" issue. Sorry to bum you out on your birthday!

I hope it is a wonderful year!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday! I know I already sent you a personal birthday email this morning, but I'd feel left out if I didn't chime in on the "Party" blog post.

Heidi said...

I'm savoring the last 5 minutes of my birthday. Thanks for all the good wishes here at the online party :-)

Tony, what have I missed?? What is the "10" issue? Is Bo Derek in it?