Thursday, June 28, 2007

In My Mind I'm Goin' to C . . .

Vacations are great, but it's a little crazy to be going to Colorado in a few days when we have just returned from Cancun a few days ago!

. . . but, anniversaries and family reunions come at their own time.

So do babies.

I am going to Colorado, but in my mind I'm goin' to Carolina where my sister lives and is about to give birth to her first baby, Sierra Katherine.

I find this song very peaceful to listen to. If you miss my posts while I'm gone, you might want to sit back and listen a few times, slow down your pace, and go to Carolina in your mind too.


amy said...

That is so sweet; it brought tears to mine and Mike’s eyes. I am often going to California in my mind. I hope we will be able to reach you when Sierra is born.

Anonymous said...

We hope you have a wonderful family vacation. We are going to go to Carolina soon and we also enjoyed the song you posted. So peaceful.
Mom & Dad

Tony said...

I'm with you H! We just got back from another C (China) and are getting ready to go to Colorado.


By the way, sorry, but I couldn't log on to your site while I was in China. I tried!