Monday, July 31, 2006

Blast from the Past (Audio Quiz #1)

Guess the animated chacter:

1) Character #1

2) Character #2

3) Character #3

Guess the TV show from its theme song:

1) Show #1

2) Show #2

3) Show #3

Guess the TV show from a clip:

1) Show #1

2) Show #2

3) Show #3

(Answers will be listed in the comments section in a day or two :-)


Amy said...

I can't figure out..TV clip # 3

Heidi said...

Here are the ANSWERS:

A)animated characters (all looney tunes)

1) Marvin Martian
2) Foghorn Leghorn
3) Pepe le Pew

B)TV shows by theme song:

1) Hill Street Blues
2) Family Affair
3) Little House on the Prarie

C) TV shows from clip:

1) Hogan's Heros
2) The Little Rascals
3) Lost in Space

Nethe said...

Isn´t memory beautifull!
The theme from "little house on the prairie" brings back my childnood autumn afternoons, when the sun would come in low through the windows, so we (3 kids) would have to turn the TV around and sit on the floor by the bookshelve to see, while the smells of dinner being prepared by dad drifted in from the kitchen...
Thanks for bringing me back.

Heidi said...

I find too that a song or a scent can bring me back strongly to a time in my past. I love that! Yes, memory is beautiful!