Friday, March 13, 2015

Super Pi Day 3.14.15

Tomorrow is Super Pi Day - The Pi Day of the Century.  Since the year is 2015 the date (American version, anyway) is 3.14.15.  Of course, if you're a real stickler you'll celebrate at 9:26am and 9:26pm.  And then that's it - for another century.

I co-hosted (with a lot of great help) a Pi Day event at my school yesterday - because, exciting as this is we weren't sure students would return to campus on Saturday - but given the great turn-out for this event, maybe we were wrong about that.  Below are some pictures of the event and the activities involved.

 Opening announcements

Great turnout!!

Food is a big draw - especially for college students!

Lining up and chowing down!

Pi Chain activity

Buffon's Needle activity


Digits of Pi Memorization Competition (The winner - below - made it to 202 digits!)

Tutor volunteers manning the stations - here finding pi and seeing pi.

 A great opportunity to wear cool math t-shirts!!!

MJC's newly formed e.T.E.C.H. put together a mini-computer cluster built out of Raspberry Pi computers. Here it is calculating the digits of Pi. (Yes, those ARE Legos!)

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