Friday, August 22, 2014


Anthony proved he would go the ends of the earth for the woman he loves.  He did it!  He flew to New Zealand to surprise and propose to the amazing and beautiful Brianna Mulder!  The picture below is of them skyping us today to give us the news officially and tell us the stories!!

 In pictures here's a bit of how it played out  .  .  .

Later addition - I just grabbed this photo off of the facebook page of the woman who helped set this up.  Brianna's friends had her believing she was creating a music video for Anthony that day, so she was being filmed singing to him across the ocean.  Little did she know he had flown across that ocean to propose and was at that moment walking towards her!!

And later yet  .  .  .  prayers of friends:

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edibooks said...

Heidi, amazing! Congratulations. When is the date? So thankful you captured those pictures and put them on your blog. You even got the skype photo in!