Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Directing Change

What a day!  Caleb and his film-making team from Enochs High School entered a student video contest called "Directing Change."  The contest was put on by "Each Mind Matters," and the categories were "Suicide Prevention" and "Ending the Silence."  More than 420 teams in the state submitted a video.  The Enochs team created a PSA on suicide prevention, and they won first place in their region, which meant they also advanced to state-level competition.

The started the day today at our county office of education to be recognized by the county school board and County Schools Superintendent Tom Chagnon.

That was an awesome way to start the day, but what was yet to come blew me away entirely.  I had no idea how big a deal this was!  It absolutely ended up being a red-carpet event!

Caleb headed up to Sacramento with his teacher, Neal Barlow, and his team.  David and I followed later.  The screening and awards were held at the Crest Theater.

 Here are actor Max Adler and producer/director/editor Bradley Buecker introducing the event.

And the Enochs team won second place in the state for their PSA "Perception."

Here's a video clip of them getting their award:

Bradley Buecker:

Caleb and team members Megan and Justin chatting with director (and future colleague?) Bradley Buecker:

In front of the state capitol building:

Here is their award-winning PSA:

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