Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lyrics, I Thought

While grading today I pulled out some old tunes from my college days - Alan Parson's Project - good stuff!  One of the songs really hit me - seemed to be speaking to a situation I'd dealt with since that time - lyrics I hadn't seemed to catch before:

"Nothing's good that uses bad;
The beat goes on and it drives you mad.
Scornful thoughts that fly your way
You should turn away -- 'cause there's nothing left to say

"You gave the best you have to give;
You only have one life to live;
You fought so hard, you were a slave
And after all you gave there was nothing left to save."

Well, I didn't get it quite right, but it buoyed my spirits while grading nonetheless - and it gave me a new perspective on a difficult time, so it's all good!

Here's a link to the actual lyrics of Alan Parsons Project's "Nothing Left to Lose:"

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