Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Good Teaching Day

Well, I was just hitting the slump I usually do a few weeks in to the fall semester when I realize summer is truly over - and when the adrenaline of the first couple of weeks of the semester wears off - and when some class management issues start to pop up.  Yesterday I was not a happy camper, but today was a whole different story!

After teaching one of my favorite topics (which is not always a favorite for students, especially at this level), three students stayed after the 2-hour lecture and talked with me for another 45 minutes about the topic at hand - set theory - particularly the continuum hypothesis and different "sizes" of infinity.  They were very excited - had lots of questions - lots of thoughts.

THIS is what it's all about!  THIS is what I live for!
THIS is what makes teaching worthwhile and exciting!

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