Friday, March 22, 2013

Preview Tour of MJC's New Science Building and Community Center

Today I had opportunity to tour our new science building - still under construction but set to open for summer session.

This is going to be an awesome addition to our community!

Inside the entrance is a model of the solar system embedded in the ceiling.

Here is a close-up of Earth and her moon.
As part of the Great Valley Museum there is a "Science on a Sphere" on which can be projected current weather patterns, surfaces of other planets, Pangaea, etc. - AMAZING!

I'm envious of my colleagues who get to teach in this classroom!  I want sliding boards!!

I'm also envious of my colleague's who get to teach in this classroom atop the  planetarium!

A view of the observatory

At the base of the observatory swings a Foucault Pendulum - SO COOL!

The spiral staircase carries the letters of a DNA molecule.  In the near future a model of the DNA structure will be installed up the center of the spiral staircase.

Up and down the staircase  .  .  .

Another look at the ATGC
Nice that they have plantings outside the SECOND floor!

A view of the other entrance - next to the observatory.

I love these banners!

Looking down at the planetarium and fountains.

I love what they did for outdoor seating!

Another look at the outside of the planetarium.  At night these constellations light up!

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