Sunday, January 02, 2011

Looking Back (Updated Jan. 9)

At this time of the year most of us are looking forward, but I'm a little slow on the uptake and wanting yet to hold onto the latter part of December. We've been enjoying these days and weeks so much with Anthony back home - enjoying time with just the five of us and also times with extended family and friends.
Total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice - pretty cool!

Anthony back home again . . . priceless!!

CHRISTMAS EVE (at Mom and Dad's)

A Christmas bell :-) . . . anticipation!Yea! An hourglass!Another hourglass (from time past!)Aunt Heidi and Ava Marie

CHRISTMAS DAY (at our house)

First just us . . . Then the extended fam . . .


Times with family - just because -Me and a couple of my guys :-)Grandpa is so much fun; he has pockets!

Lots of gaming needed to happen, of course!

At Anthony's request during his visit we went to one of our favorite places, Knight's Ferry:

We LOVE Knight's Ferry! It was Anthony's request to visit it while he's home - lots of good memories here.I love these pictures of Jacob.Brotherly love :-)

And family craziness (well, some of us anyway!)
Yes, it is California, no, it is not THAT warm. They just wanted to be polar bears! (Photo taken December 31, 2010)

All the best to you as you jump into the new year!!

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