Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just News - Plain and Simple

-- As of tonight, it is official, Anthony will be attending Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan in the fall - mine and David's alma mater.

-- Tomorrow is Anthony's last track meet of his high school career - sectionals. He'll be running the mile and the 2-mile.

-- Jacob is excitedly looking forward to a computer graphics program he purchased that should be arriving tomorrow.

-- Tonight Caleb had a band concert - did a really good job, especially with his keyboard part in The Pink Panther.

--On Monday, Caleb went to the elder's meeting to profess his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior! His public profession is tentatively set for May 30.

-- We all did some gaming with a friend yesterday - Magic and Tales of the Arabian Nights (Hi Ross! :-)

-- David's recent echocardiogram shows that the closure device in his heart is still in the place it should be and doing what it should be - YEA!

-- Strange as this sounds I'm still sort of adjusting to summer - what's to adjust to, you might ask - I don't know - maybe it's harder than I thought to go from 100 mph to 0 overnight but also to have 100,000 things I'd been wanting to do all school year, now having the time but not knowing where to start - knowing I have more that I want to do than I can actually do in one summer, needing to take a break to refresh first, but not remembering how to take a break anymore, and also not wanting to "waste" time given so many things I want to accomplish - gotta just sort this all out.

-- I've spent a few days recently up until well after 1am doing work on one of the books I'm writing - can't stop while the ideas are coming, so my sleep situation has totally done a 180 over a short period of time too - getting back to normal for me, but also not as easy an adjustment as I thought it would be! (Maybe it has to do with getting older!)

-- I might be going to the mountains for a day or two coming up soon here to do some sorting!

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