Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Day in the Life

We had a good day yesterday, and for some reason I was in the mood to capture it with images. It was a day of work and of fun, of getting things done and of enjoying each other.David made more progress in the garage by building MORE shelves to hold MORE stuff - a seemingly endless process!We got our first Christmas decorations put up for the year. For the first time ever we have a fireplace and mantle - a place to put stockings and a way for Santa to get in! :-)We even got our tree! YEA!! (I'm not sure when it will get decorated, but it's here and up at least!)I began preparing an extensive study guide for my calculus students to use as they prepare for the final exam in a week.The weather changed a lot over the course of the day, but was mostly cold and blustery . . . . . . but did cold, blustery weather stop the intrepid runners?!
No way!
Here they are warming up for their 5.75 mile run.Among other things Anthony took his SAT test today - here he is reading for relaxation after the SAT and before taking me on in Magic! And then some reading for school too! (Nice face Anthony!)Caleb and Jacob relaxing in their way.Time for dinner:Anthony preparing, happily, to take his first bite of his Dagwood-sized burger!We ended our day with a game of Life. I don't think I'd played this since I was a kid. What a hoot! All in all a good day - filled with many things!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all had a family day together doing different projects. Has Anthony got the results of his SAT yet? I'm sure he scored very high in his specialty. Can't wait to hear from him.

Heidi said...


It was a good day! I did spend a significant portion of it squirreled away in my office prepping calc, but there was other stuff too, and it was a nice change! Ahhhh . . .

Please tell me who you are so I can let you know how Anthony did!

This is his second (and last) time taking it. So many people take it multiple times that he'd really be at a disadvantage if he only took it once - especially since he is trying to get into very competitive schools.

He's not going to take it over and over like a lot of people do, but he felt it was wise to at least take it a second time in order to build on previous experience.

On his first attempt he got 780 (800 point scale) on math. He thinks he got a perfect score this time as, unlike the first time, he knew how to pace himself and had time to go back and check his work.

We'll see!

When applying to colleges that specialize in mathematics and where the average SAT math score is nearly perfect, it's kind of hard to stand out! (Being white male doesn't help him stand out to admissions, that's for sure!)

edibooks said...

I enjoyed this post! Thanks for the pictures. Hope the busyness settles down soon after finals are graded. We have some catching up to do. Edi

Heidi said...

The news is finally in - as of this morning. Anthony got a perfect score on the math section of his SAT! GO ANTHONY!!