Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dinner Conversation at Our House

Dinner conversation Sunday, November 22,2009 (since family members don't always appreciate being identified in my blog, I have eliminated names.):
Speaker 1: It's nice that taking care of this big house isn't as time consuming as we feared it might be.

Speaker 2: Well, time is ALWAYS being consumed. The question is what are we choosing to have it consumed by?

Speaker 3: Time isn't consumed. Time is passing.

Speaker 4: What happens to time after it passes?

This is the environment by which I am surrounded!
(And I think it's cool :-)

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strangerland said...

You can't accumulate bandwidth either. It's available now, but if it isn't utilized then I suppose it's wasted. Likewise all the unused computer.hours from yesterday where I work. It's interesting just to watch a service queue like the public computers at a library an write out the equations. Alas management doesn't understand math, and isn't interested in anything beyond counting customers.