Sunday, February 22, 2009

Distance Difficulty

We live in a world that is getting smaller all the time, but sometimes it's not small enough.

My sister is 3000 miles away, and I really want to be with her. She'll be having emergency surgery tomorrow and the next day and is pregnant, high risk pregnancy, has had 2 miscarriages . . .

Doctors had hoped to put off surgery until the second timester for the safety of the baby and had scheduled that surgery for the first week in April, but the situation is such that surgery needs to take place immediately and now will require two surgeries rather than one.

Everything in me wants to drop everything and fly out there, and I feel like a rotten sister for not being able to, and my heart is aching. Amy does have others who can come and who have come. Mom was there for a couple of weeks earlier this month, and Amy's mother-in-law is there now. Her best friend is flying out Tuesday, and her husband is going on leave and will be able to be there for her. So I know she is in good hands.

I'm her only sister, though, and I feel like I should be able to be there in person for her. It's where I want to be. My heart is there. I wish the rest of me could be also.

Sometimes the world just isn't small enough.


Anonymous said...

Oh my...I'll send you a personal email.

Amy said...

Thanks Heidi! I am feeling sooo much better!