Friday, December 12, 2008

In a Fog

Fog is my favorite weather. I couldn't resist getting outside and going for a walk in it.The white background makes such a nice canvas for color! I can't wait until our oranges are ready - any day now!Technically it is still autumn, at least for another week or so . . . . . . but the buds on this tree make it seem like spring already wants to make an appearance!I feel very cozy when walking in the fog.Can you find the sun in the picture below? (It is right in the center.)One last splash of color from this foggy day:


Anonymous said...

I'd have to disagree with you...I hate our valley fog. It's depressing and most mornings/nights you take your life in your hands driving in it.

However, I will have to say I enjoyed your pictures and I will try to look at fog differently during the next foggy day, which I'm sure will come soon enough.

Heidi said...

It brings me back to childhood - walking to school and looking ahead and realizing that the place I couldn't see from where I was was where I would be in a minute and that I wouldn't be able to see back to where I had been.

It felt like kind of a game. I kept trying to get to the fog but wherever I was was like an open place without fog, and I could see all the stuff right around me.

It kind of makes me feel like being snuggled up in a comforter - sort of a softness all around me.

(I must say that I too would rather not drive in it - but sure like seeing from inside my house where I can snuggle up with a book or going for a walk in it!)

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