Friday, August 22, 2008

Magical Interlude

Well, I realized anew how the stress has gotten to me at all levels when I left my division meeting today, reached into my "purse" to get out what I needed to open the van, and walked about a hundred feet with it towards my van before realizing that the hairbrush I was holding was not going to unlock the door!I guess the time when you can least afford a break is the time when you most need to take one, and Anthony provided that for me tonight by asking me to go with him to a Magic draft. Magic is a game I was into when he was a baby (only child). I'd been taught by my uncle. (Thanks Uncle Dave - remember that late night out in Illinois when you taught me and were dinging me a life-point at a time with 'Tim?'). Anyway, I taught Anthony to play before he could read; he had to ask me what the cards said and then memorize what they did. I dropped out when I had more babies and got too busy. It's a game with new installments coming out all the time, so you have to keep up with it. I taught him to play, and now he is returning the favor by bringing me back into it and teaching me the finer points. Now he's the one who keeps reminding me, "Mom, you've got to know what your cards do!" Within the last month or so he has gotten me totally addicted to where I'm now not just playing with the cards but collecting them also and trying to keep them in mint condition.

The first card pictured is one of the wildest I came across tonight (and kind of reminds me of what life feels like right now!), and the second one pictured I pulled in the draft just because I like the artwork so much. (For those of you who know the game, I pulled quite a few rares - including "Oversoul of Dusk," which I understand is worth about $20, and it only cost me $10 to participate. Of course I'm not selling it . . .)


nethe said...

hi! great to hear that your son is pulling you out of the "black hole" of stress, at least for a few hours at a time! I´ve never played that game, but the way "Settlers" pulls on me I would have to fear Magic. I´d get lost in it and never return, he-he. :-)
Play on!

Heidi said...

I didn't know you played Settlers! We LOVE that game. We have 7 versions of it:

the original
Cities and Knights
Candamir, the First Settlers
Settlers of the Stone Age
Elasund the First City

I must be honest. We've only had time to learn the first 3. Maybe when we are retired we will take on the others. What a great game!!

Perhaps if we get to meet in person someday this can be something we do together - play Settlers!!

(Yeah, as to getting lost and never returning, it is in danger of happening. Since Magic is a collectible card game - new sets coming out all the time - we are in danger of it taking over our house and getting lost because of that!)