Monday, June 23, 2008

Is This California?

My husband grew up in Michigan. We moved to back to my home state of California 19 years ago. We moved here in June, and every morning David would open the curtains and scream, "THERE ARE NO CLOUDS! THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CLOUD IN THE SKY!"

Well, no, of course not, it was a California summer, what did he expect? The benefit of this is that you can plan a picnic or outdoor wedding and be SURE it will not rain. You do not have to have a "plan B" for outdoor occasions. Over nearly 2 decades no amount of me touting the benefits of more than three months of nearly guaranteed cloudlessness has yet won him over.

The following pictures were taken in the central valley of California on the first day of summer. The day before had been cloudless with a high temp of 106F. On the day these pictures were taken we had a high of 103F. Not only did clouds move in, but we also got a sprinkling of rain. So, while this may not impress some readers, this is nearly unheard of in California, therefore I am posting these. Besides, I need to officially record this so that I can remind David that we have had a summer day with clouds!
Post Script -- Later in the news it was said that we set a record today: "trace amounts of rain." We had not had ANY rain here on a June 21 before (at least as far back as when they began keeping records)!

Personal Note: Nethe, did you send the clouds and rain? If so, THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't post pictures taken two days later showing all the smoke in the air after lightning, from the "little bit of rain", started so many grass fires.

The smoke is so thick that it appears as if we are experiencing January/Feburary valley fog in June.


Amy said...

I miss the Blue Sky in CA! Out here in NC the sky is never blue, well maybe a sad pale blue.

Heidi said...

Well, it's a good thing I got pictures of it when I did! As Paula says we now have very thick smoke - to the point where it obscures to some degree the house across the street. I've never seen anything like it. We have escaped for now, and hopefully when we get home the air will be clear again!

- wishing blue skies for you!!