Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring by Caleb


Amy said...

What was Caleb's muse?

Heidi said...

Jacob was drawing a picture of an animated character as a farmer, and Caleb wanted to draw also.

(He just told me that when I read your comment to him.)

My comment is that I like the fact that he drew a shadow under the butterfly, and I also like his representation of the sun (not circular - and with neat rays).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Another great artist in the family. Fantistic job.

Tony said...

Very well done Caleb! I wish I had half the artistic ability that you do! (And that is the truth!)

Heidi said...

I wish that too, Tony! Sometimes while teaching I have to draw a shape to illustrate a concept.

I preface any drawing I do by saying something like:

"PRETEND this is a circle."

(Maybe most mathematicians are not good artists and that's why students are always told not to go by the diagram!)

Nethe said...

I disagree Heidi. You can be an artist and a mathematician too. Maybe not a painter, but look at Piet Hein. And look at your blog. I see an artistic streak.

(by the way, does your hit locator work?)

Heidi said...

Now that you mention it, I remember a talk by Sir Roger Penrose in which he used lovely overhead transparencies he had hand drawn (one including the little mermaid!). He's more of a physicist than a mathematician, but there is a lot of overlap, and he was certainly gifted at drawing.

As to my hit locator, it has been saying for three days now, "Updates begin tomorrow."

Tomorrow never comes. :-(

I think I'm stuck in a time warp!

Actually I checked the FAQ's where I downloaded it, and it said it sometimes takes 3 days to begin working, so I'll try to be patient.

I hope you'll check in again in a few days. I would sure love to have Norway show up on my hit locator! :-)